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Dec 08

Careers In Cleaning

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Jobs in domestic cleaning.

Interested In A Career In Cleaning?

At Diamond Swindon we routinely field inquiries from would-be employees about careers in cleaning. While we don’t always have posts available we’re happy to offer advice to those wishing to work in the industry. This blog post will outline the jobs market, your starter requirements and the demands of a cleaning job.

According to figures from the National Careers Service, the starter salary in the cleaning industry is £12,000 per year, rising to £18,000 as you graduate to senior roles. Cleaners will typically work in residential or commercial premises, although specialized cleaning inc. upholstery, ovens and carpets are in demand too.

Industry Regulations & Experience

Every industry has its governing bodies. A gardener, for example, may be registered with the Gardener’s Guild. A removalist is registered with BAR (British Association of Removalists). Tree Surgeon’s are required to carry NPTC qualifications. While the cleaning industry isn’t as dangerous as other careers it has its checks and balances too.

The British Institute of Cleaning Science is a body designed to raise standards and education within the cleaning sector. For many employers, including Diamond, such qualifications are not always mandatory. However experience is helpful and the right attitude and work ethic is essential.

Depending on the location and client in question, a criminal records check may be necessary. This can be executed via the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS).

While many jobs are 1 time contracts, weekly or monthly domestic and office cleaning contracts are the mainstay of the industry. Maintaining good relationships with clients and customising our service to meet their needs ensures we establish long term contracts that last. This is evidenced by testimonials found on our homepage at

Should you have further inquiries, or wish to apply for a job with us, please forward your contact details and CV to We’ll retain your details and contact you should a new position become available.

Apr 29

Moving House? How To Select Your End Of Tenancy Cleaners

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Moving home can be a stressful and costly experience. For this reason the move is often out sourced to professional movers and cleaners.

End of tenancy cleaning, also referred to as ‘bond cleaning’, is often stipulated in tenancy agreements. It’s a provision designed to protect the homeowner and safeguard the marketability of the property for new occupants. This article will outline how to vet and select the clean team for your move.

Key Questions You Should Ask Your Cleaning Service

At this stage you may have utilized search engines or asked among friends and have a list of candidates in mind. The following three questions are designed to screen the field until the best remain.

Can I have a free consultation?

A free consultation is the industry standard. This consultation will allow the company in question to outline their service, fees and most importantly your needs.

Be wary of companies who aren’t willing to provide this.

Do you have liability insurance?

Even among the best of us, accidents happen. Damage to fabric or surfaces may occur during the move. An item of furniture may be scratched or tarnished. For this reason every professional company needs to carry liability insurance to protect both parties.

Do you have positive reviews?

An established firm will have an array of positive reviews. If these reviews aren’t posted on their website, they may be posted on third party sites including Google Business, Facebook and Bark.

If your company fails to meet these standards, revise your shortlist of cleaners accordingly. While you should certainly filter your search based on competitive prices, don’t allow price alone to be the determining factor.

We hope this article has steered you toward an established team of cleaners. If your based in Swindon and Wiltshire, don’t hesitate to contact the Diamond team with and questions and quote.

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Oct 14

Diamond’s Carpet Cleaning Product Review

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KC with the light behind him

Carpet Cleaning Products Review

There are a broad range of carpet cleaning creeds and products on the market. Sadly, as any seasoned consumer knows, many are ineffective or worse, actually inflame existing stains and blemishes. Meanwhile others are over-priced and inefficient.

Tried, Tested & Industry Solutions

Whether you’re a housewife eager to restore your carpet to it’s former glory, or a pro cleaner looking for a second opinion this post will steer you in the right direction as we review 3 industry favourites.


Prochem, ‘The Leading Carpet Extraction Detergent’ is a product of choice for many industry insiders. While the Prochem solution is suitable for many residential customers, it’s potent enough to vanquish stains on restaurants and others commercial outlets., yet it is safe for stain-resistant residential carpets. The low foaming solution gets to work quickly and comes with mix specifications for your use. Dry Slurry and Urine Rescue solutions are available.

Very Dirty Carpets

The imaginatively titled brand, ‘Very Dirty Carpets’ is a popular option among residential and clients too. The 32oz solution is reasonably priced and suitable for upright shampooing machines including Hoover & Bissell and portable extraction machines such as Rug Doctor. Irrespective your experience, the solution is simple to apply. Simply mix an ounce per gallon of water.

Zep Extractor Carpet Shampoo

Zep Commercial is a US based cleaning solutions company with a catalogue of products for carpets, kitchens and drains. Zep is a low foam, highly potent solution favoured by professional cleaning companies and is an excellent choice for stain resistant rugs and surfaces. Zep is suitable for most commercial devices.

At Diamond Swindon, we’re forever on the curve of industry developments and strive to update our knowledge and tools to ensure our customers benefit. We sincerely hope this snappy article has helped you. Please reach out to us if you have any further questions (or suggestions) on carpet cleaning treatments.